– Carnevale di Venezia

Release Date: 2016-11-25
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This is the season of famous Carnival which attracts visitors and evokes excitement of the locals who have been waiting for it all year long. It is usually introduced by the teatri di musica (music theatres) with brilliance equal to the plays performed by the princes. The one difference was that whilst the noble ones held the perfomances free of charge, the other events in Venice were paid and became more businesslike, which impacted upon the level of the performance quality. These kinds of celebrations might have been observed during birthday parties or weddings at the Court.

Le Venice Carnival, which was a talking point in the whole of Europe, is indeed the accu- mulation of the numbers of games, which were allowed to be played only within that season, unless there were some other special reasons for celebration. In this sort of entertainment you could witness comedies, operas, casino games, ballet, parades, bull fights, tightrope dances, puppet shows, and jugglers’ and clown’s performances. At the time, everyone was allowed to wear masks all day long, even at presence of the doges on the last Thursday of Carnival. In the old days, the Carnival would start on the Second Day of Christmas and indeed in most of modern calendars we would and this annotation. e reason why it was eventually postponed by the o cials was because of public safety and the fact that mean people were using masks as disguise in order to take revenge on their enemies at that particular time.


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