L’Eleganza Capricciosa

December 19, 2020
7:00 pm
Neues Schloss
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Vivaldi – L’Eleganza Capricciosa

Ëvoe Records Cat Nr Evoe 007

Release date 07 November 2019

Violin solo – Stefan Plewniak

Orchestra – Cappella dell’Ospedale della Pietà

Program of the CD : Vivaldi Violin Concertos

RV 177, RV 242, RV 273, RV 237, RV 208

   Program Highlights : Choosing this program I was searching for the diverse character of each of the concertos, virtuosity, personality, and strong expression. I believe that this features will result in interesting Anthology of Vivaldi Violin Concertos. Good examples of this diversity are two concerts that Vivaldi dedicated to his friend and excellent violinist – Pisendel. First movement of the concerto RV 237 is in a form of written capriccio in the violin solo part, while the orchestra plays thematic melodies. And the 3rd movement of the concerto also „per Pisendel” RV 242 – full of wildness, and vitality. The orchestra parts are equally important in building up the development of the musical thoughts and power of the „vivaldian” musical effects. Concertos RV 177 and RV 273 appealed me because of the operatic dramaturgy and narration of the main themes. Vivaldi liked so much the main theme of the Concerto RV 177, that he used it also in the Overture for his opera L’Olympiade.  The last concerto on this Album – RV 208 „Il Grosso Mogul” is one of the rare treasures among the Vivaldi Concertos. ll Grosso Mogul alludes to the Indian court of the Grand Mughal. Specially unique are the two written cadenzas of Vivaldi in the first and third part, and improvised form of the second movement in the gipsy, Indian stile.